Ji Tae Kim

A graphic designer, video creater, music sampler, and an art director based in NYC. Currently working at Flight Club as a Visual Designer.

Previously worked at Tunica Studio, Bugatchi,, Savvy Studio, OnePlus.







Pop-up Branding

AR Filter Mask
Concert Identity
Album Cover
Poster Series
Film Directing
Motion Graphic

yeseyesee - “YES 3D” 

A 3D graphic for a Korean Street Brand called
“YESEYESEE” - sounds Yes, Eye See. 
Each graphic charater interpretes the brand’s name.
1. YES / 2. EYE / 3. SEE (Letter C).


A Poster deisng for the Halloween 2021 Home Party.
Cybertic and experimental design
as theme was Techno and Halloween vibe.
So many friends came to the party and
i guess the design worked out well! :)

Book Design - “Decarcomania” 

An experimental/artsy photo book made with
NASCAR images by folding and flipping,
just like the technique of Decarcomania.
I was initially attracted to racing cars' "Decals"
and applied the technique.
Surprisingly, it was discovered that the word
"Decal" originated in Decarcomania.


Additional graphic for Yeseyesee with rough sketch idea.
Sketching is always fun because it’s not a finalized piece
and it brings more potential to be well made.
However, at this point, I pursued
imperfection cos nothing is perfect in this world.

Le blanc et l'amour (white&love)

This is a video documentary about white color
in New York. I was obsessed with
white and kept taking pictures and videos.
When I tried to find pure white,
I always noticed a different design and
stain next to it. It resembles pure love
and extra stress.
We sometimes get mad or jealous even
when we try to love each other.
But having those emotions are totally okay.
It's just the same as
different colors, stains, and designs
are with white(=love) .

Sundae School is a Cannabis lifestyle
brand and a Design studio.
The Projects in “” include
Pop-Up Store Branding in LA, Digital Asset,
and Fashion Design, in cooperation
with Creative Director, Phillip Windly Kim.

Album Cover - DubTechno

Album cover / Playlist cover design
for the DubTechno in Spotify.
If you’re into Techno or Dubtechno,
that proves that you are a cool person :)

Book design (Nicholas)

A kids book design named Nicholas.
Nicholas and his friends are caught up
in a series of hilarious escapes that
always result in confusion, especially for
their parents and teachers.


A battery packaging project targeted to the “Colorblinds”.
As colorblind cannot distinguish certain colors clearly,
there are only Black & White to prevent the confusion.
The optical illusion applies to everyone in the same way,
so the project implies the equality of all the users.

Album cover - Pour des Agnes

Do you believe in love? Fate? or Destiny?
I used to believed it and even wished my love.
There’s a certain frequency
that brings or reconnects each other.
Here’s a playlist cover design
that I used to listen to.
Obviously, nothing happened. hahaa!


5 Series of music playlist mix cover including,
JazzHiphop, Hiphop&Rnb, Trance,
Techno, and House music.


In celebration of Magazine issue #07,
Augmented Reality(AR) Filter Mask was
created for “TUNICA” Studio.
TUNICA Studio collaborates with various
international experts in graphic designs & arts
to create truly remarkable content.

“Eight and a Half” by Federico Fellini

The film contains a mix of present and past scenes without
specific time order. So it’s very tricky and difficult to understand.
The main theme is the slump of the main character named
“Guido” who is a film director in the film, which represents Fellini himself.


Cover design inspired by Tchaikovsky’s
6 Morceaux Op.51 Vl.
“Valse Sentimentale” is the last score of his
6 Morceaux series. It feels sad but
somehow attractive at the same time.

King Krule World Tour

King Krule world tour poster series.
He’s a singer, rapper, and producer from UK.
The design was inspired by his mixed
music style such as Indie rock, Hip hop to Post-punk.

Taeji Boys

Concert Identity Sketch for Taeji Boys,
a Korean legendary Musician in 1990’s.

LP cover - Reality

A French romance film in 1980,
La Boum has unique power and atmosphere
with a beautiful soundtrack.
Inspired by the visuals of the film
and music, this cover was created.

Film Forum Black

Re-Branding for a Film Forum.
Film Forum is a non-profit movie theater,
located in Greenwich Village, Manhattan.
Project aimed at a classic mood
as theater shows clasic films mainly.

Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Birds”

A film “The Birds” is American natural
horror-thriller, directed by Alfred Hitchcock.
After watching it, I wondered what
can I do if the birds conquer the world.


Poster Design inspired by current crisis,
COVID-19 outbreak. On March 15, 2020,
Mayor of New York City, Bill de Blasio ordered
“Emergency Executive Order No.99”.

Among Us

Poster design inspired by the game
“Among Us” to engage more people

for joining the game. Made it just for fun :)

Peephole - Film

Directed a short film in searching for
unconsciousness & consciousness,
especially derived from “my dream”.
Filmed in Brooklyn, NY, March 2018.
Password upon request.

Overtech - Motion

Mixed creation of two limited media,
“Typography” and “Technology Documentary”.
What is the advantages and disadvantages
of technology? Why we, “human being” overuse it?


Cover Design for R&B Singer-songwriter “Wavy”.
Collage was to represent ice cold  mood
contrast to the hot summer when it was released.

Wow! Bow wow...

A video collage inpired by a video art called
“The Amazing Bow Wow” by Lynda Benglis.
Music by Gabin - Doo Uap, Doo Uap, Doo Uap.